Posted on 21-Jul-2019

Nailed It Fish and Chips

Hello guys and gals.

Maybe some of you have wondered where the name, Nailed It Fish and Chips, comes from?

Well, the story goes a little like this.

When my wife and I were preparing for our sons 1 year birthday, we baked a few cakes and what not. Wife decided to write Nailed It on one of the cakes, inspired by baking fails pictures online. This was to happen at 1 o'clock in the morning after having been baking and preparing the whole night before.

Please Google: "baking fails nailed it" and you will see what I mean :-)

Of course wife was going to write Nailed It on the cake but it didn't go exactly as planned, picture of said cake speaks for itself.

Thats where Nailed It comes from.

My best to you,

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